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Heat Recovery from Refrigeration

Ever thought it would be good to use energy twice? – well, you can, through heat recovery.

Waste heat rejected from refrigeration and air conditioning systems can be harnessed by intercepting it before it is vented to atmosphere by passing refrigerant gas through a heat exchanger to deliver potable or heating water at 45-60C.

DK Heat Recovery offers an independent service to select the right heat recovery option for your business and ensures that the system is designed for your application.

For Food Use

Where the heated water will be used for consumption, the preparation of food or for cleaning in a food area the heat exchanger has to be designed to comply with European requirements: see Food Safety and EU Requirements

Non Food

Where the use of the water is not for consumption or for use in food preparation the design of the heat exchanger is simpler and therefore cheaper and we can select the best option for you