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Barriers to Success

The three biggest hurdles we have to negotiate are in order:


Everyone is very busy and a distant concept is never top of the list even when the boss has said “look into it”.  Put aside 10 minutes to read the beginners guide and take a look at the Cost and CO2 saving calculator.  It could set you on the road to significant cost and CO2 emissions savings – once you get started it will become infective.


Everything costs money and even if this is the case we can point you toward some options for alternative finance.

Sceptical Refrigeration Engineers

If our first point of contact with any business is not their refrigeration engineers or contractor that can cause issues. Not because we dislike refrigeration engineers – many are very nice people. However, fridge can be seen as a bit of a dark art and many an intake of breath is heard before the words – it won’t work it will cause problems with “the system”. Don’t let this stop a cost and CO2 saving project. Our engineering service will help unravel the mystery of heat recovery!!