DK Suction Gas Heat Exchanger

Designed and produced entirely in our own Emsdetten factory since 2002.

The search for alternatives refrigerants with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential), lead to some concern as to whether the performance of the new proposed gases would equal the existing refrigerant performance.

Improving the performance of the refrigeration system will offset any capacity shortfalls of the new gas.

Simple mass-produced suction & liquid line heat exchangers have been available for many years, but purpose designed, and manufactured exchangers are relatively new – from DK in 2002, and further approved by DuPont Refrigerants in 2016.

DuPont XP40 (R449A) operating with the DK suction gas heat exchangers, showed improved operating performances of 9.8% (Soanes Poultry Ltd)

In addition to the performance benefits, the system removes any risk of liquid refrigerant entering the compressor and causing liquid hammer and oil carry over.

The accurate design of all heat exchangers is individual to the job in hand and not an off the shelf item at the wholesaler. The design ensures the absolute minimum pressure drop and are available in a large range of pipe connection sizes from 16mm to 133mm.

Installing these systems involves the shutdown of the refrigeration unit and major work on both liquid and suction lines.

The ideal time to undertake this work is in conjunction with the works to change to the new replacement refrigerant gas.

To comply with the Refrigeration Regulation Timeline, this work must be carried out before 1st January 2030 – not that far off!