Endless Configurations for the Building Services Design Engineer.

A single heat recovery tank for potable water – In a choice of 20 tank sizes.

Designed as a dedicated hot water tank to serve the business with food grade standard EN1717 hot water.

Tank sizes available to suit the smallest water user from 50 litres to its big brother weighing in at 10,000 litres for the largest commercial and industrial users.

A single heat recovery tank for heating LTHW systems water.

A similar manufactured system to the above hot water tank, but without the EN1717 specification (not required).

The tank sizes are available in the same range as the hot water tanks.

A single heat recovery tank for potable and heating systems water.

Since 2002, in response to space saving requirements for a supermarket customer.

The store required winter space heating and a small volume of hot water for the toilets, deli and café.

The result is the DK Energy Store Tank – a single tank footprint with two independent functions, offering valuable space savings especially in retail environments.

Water Cooled Condensing

Many urban areas must rely on water cooled applications when external space is unavailable for traditional air-cooled condensers and condensing units.

The installation of a heat recovery system in front of the water-cooled condenser will achieve considerable benefits:

  • Free potable food grade standard hot water EN1717.
  • Fuel cost savings.
  • Carbon emissions reduction.
  • Reduced water waste and/or cooling tower fan usage and chemical dosing.