Forward looking business are always on the look out for additional income streams that complement their activity. Installation of DK Heat recovery systems is one such opportunity for RAC businesses.

The benefits of being an installer are many;

  • We commission installation jobs where we have developed the business lead
  • Installers can actively sell heat recovery to their clients and gain a purchase discount as well margin on the installation
  • Can be used it as part of the tool bag to attract new custom
  • Schedule HR install jobs during the quiet periods of the year maximising labour efficiency
  • On any compressor condenser set install fit couplings for easy retro fitting of HR
  • Low / no maintenance but can be included in maintenance inspection contracts
  • Include in all quotations and as optional extra including cost savings and environmental benefit and to help offer an ROI on the whole scheme
  • Help to improve the resource efficiency of your existing customers business – if they are healthy your business can only benefit
  • Suggest that they ring fence the financial savings for that new cold room the butcher has been talking about for the last ten years. Or offer them a credit arrangement matching the predicted finance savings

To become and approved installer complete the form below to help us understand your business little more and we will get back to you

An approved installer will receive the following;

  • Support in marketing and selling heat recovery including resources for your website and social media
  • Access to our in-house designer to help you specify a project or design a solution
  • Support on your first (and subsequent) installation
  • Access to the training facility at the manufacturing site in Germany and maybe a beer or two
  • A discounted 50 litre heat hog for your workshop / show room
  • An advertisement on our website and PR through our communications channels