Suitable for a busy butchery / small cutting plant

A 120-litre tank with integral heat exchangers with 6kW capacity

A busy butcher will have a constant demand for hot water which means a constant energy demand cost. It will usually have a small boiler providing hot water either on demand or heating a small tank ready for use. A DK heat recover system would be fitted up stream of the boiler to provide the unchanged heating system with pre heated water at 50°C. This means that either the existing boiler will have either nothing to do or operate at a lighter load. Keeping the original boiler in place will reduce installation costs and provide a backup should the refrigeration system be switched off for any reason.

A 6kW system with a 120-litre storage tank would produce 120 litres of hot water at 50°C every hour to cope with the continuous water demand and end of day clean down requirements.

Assuming a 6-day operation with an average of 10 hours per day the system has the capability to save 20,000 kWh of heat energy (more if oil or gas is being used).

Tank Cost £ 3,630
Estimated Install Cost (by your appointed installer) £ 2,900
The Savings Gas Electric Oil
Energy Saved (adjusted for boiler efficiency and reduced condenser fan running times) 23,521 kWh 20,218 kWh 23,521 kWh
CO2 emissions saved Tonnes each Year 4.3 t 4.7 t 6.3 t
Cash Saving per Annum £ 1,715 £ 4,928 £ 2,170
10 Year Return on Investment (with 5% fuel inflation) £ 21,562 £ 61,940 £ 27,281
Pay Back in Months 46 16 36