Suitable for a small butcher

A 50-litre tank with an integral heat exchanger with 3kW capacity

Small butchers’ shops are ideal for the smallest of the DK heat recovery tanks as a straight replacement for the existing hot water tank that will typically be heated by a small electric element. The system would harvest heat from the refrigeration plant attached to the meat cold store. Even a small cold store which is continuously opened and closed will be sufficient to provide 3kW of heat recovery.

A 3-kW system would produce 60 litres of hot water at 50°C per hour which is plenty for the continuous washing of utensils and at the end of the day there will be 50 litres of hot water ready for the wash down. Larger tanks can be specified to store even more hot water for a larger washdown.

Assuming a 6-day operation with an average of 10 hours per day the system has the capability to save 10,000 kWh of heat energy (more if oil or gas is being used).

To put this in perspective if using electric the annual saving would be equal to the profit from making 20,000 premium sausages

Tank Cost £ 2,815
Estimated Install Cost (by your appointed installer) £ 2,200
The Savings Gas Electric Oil
Energy Saved (adjusted for boiler efficiency and reduced condenser fan running times) 11,761 kWh 10,109 kWh 11,761 kWh
CO2 emissions saved Tonnes each Year 2.2 t 2.4 t 3.1 t
Cash Saving per Annum £ 858 £ 2,464 £ 1,085
10 Year Return on Investment (with 5% fuel inflation) £ 10,781 £ 30,970 £ 13,641
Pay Back in Months 70 24 55