As the twelfth anniversary of the installation of Wensleydale Creamery’s heat recovery system approaches, the team here at DK Heat Recovery has recalculated the cost savings based on today’s fuel price cap.

Award-winning Hawes cheesemaker and tourist attraction, Wensleydale Creamery is now saving £4,500 and over 60,000 kWh per annum by harnessing waste heat from its refrigeration plant to provide free hot water for the visitors’ centre. The savings also equate to an annual reduction of 16 tonnes of carbon but do not take into account the carbon savings associated with the reduced number of oil delivery vehicles visiting Hawes.

Our Engineering Manager, David Haughton said: “The project was supported by a grant from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and the Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority to help with the capital cost and provide an educational environment for children to learn about energy conservation and sustainability.

“With no moving parts, the DK Heat Recovery system is simple and maintenance-free. It is also highly efficient due to the innovative design of the heat exchangers that can remove up to 100% of the energy produced by the site’s refrigeration plant.”

Our Heat Recovery systems are suitable for use in any business that has refrigeration plant and a requirement for hot water or space heating.